9-Year-Old Vadodara Boy Climbs 14,000 Feet Peak At Gadsar Pass In Himalayas

by Sanjana Shenoy
9-Year-Old Vadodara Boy Climbs 14,000 Feet Peak At Gadsar Pass In Himalayas

9-year-old Viaan Patel from Vadodara has just created a record by becoming the youngest boy in Gujarat to scale a 14,000 feet peak at Gadsar Pass in the Himalayas. Following his father’s footsteps in mountaineering, the child called it one of the best experiences he’s ever had as this is the highest peak he has ever scaled. Read on to know his experience.

Viaan Patel & His Father Trained Everyday

According to a report by Times Of India, Viaan and his father Mittal Patel participated in the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek from August 7 to 14. Mittal Patel, a climber knew the trek would be difficult but he wanted his son to be fully prepared for the actual challenge. So, for the last four months, the father-son duo have been prepping to take up this challenge. Mittal Patel and Viaan would climb the Pavagadh mountain in Gujarat every day as part of the training. They would take the toughest routes to reach the peak.

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Picture Credits: TOI

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His Father Taught Him Mountaineering & Other Tactics

From a young age, Viaan has seen his father scaling Pavagadh and Mount Abu many times. He fell in love with mountaineering inspired by his father. When his father told him about his wish to climb the Himalayas, Viaan happily agreed. His father taught him not just climbing but also all the survival tactics needed to bear the harsh mountain weather. From pitching tents in dark forests to surviving on less food and water, Viaan learnt all the tricks of the trade from Mittal.

Picture Credits: Times Of India

Viaan has made his father and everyone proud by scaling the 14,000 feet high peak at Gadsar Pass Himalayan Peak.