Bengaluru Is Home To 99 Varieties of Dosa!

by Maryam Farhat
Bengaluru Is Home To 99 Varieties of Dosa!

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Not 5, not 10 but a whole 99 Dosa varieties in Bengaluru!

What Is It?

When in Bengaluru, you have to try as many varieties of Dosas as you can! Stalls all over the city prepare all 99 varieties on a daily basis!

The Dosa variants range from Paneer, Peas, Mushroom and several other veggies coupled with the light, fluffy and buttery-y dosas.

What’s In It?

There are also some very innovative and whacky twists given to the regular dosas with flavours like Pao Bhaji Masala, Cheese Aloo and even Schezuan Masala!


And most of these are for under Rs 100! Nobody knows how these varieties came into being and spiraled into Bengaluru’ favourite food but we sure are glad for so many delicious options!