A 4-Day Artsy Festival, Ramadaniyyat Programme Is Coming To Abu Dhabi This April

by Deeplata Garde
A 4-Day Artsy Festival, Ramadaniyyat Programme Is Coming To Abu Dhabi This April

Lately, Abu Dhabi has been hosting some amazing exhibitions and art festivals and it’s challenging to keep a track of them. The recent addition to the schedule is a 4-day Artsy festival that is happening in Abu Dhabi this April. Rammadaniyyat Programme has it all in the name! After the successful venture last year, this would be the 2nd edition of Ramadaniyyat.

What’s Ramadaniyyat?

The Arts Center, The Art Gallery, and The Institute at NYUAD will collaborate to organise a variety of public events for Ramadan with the theme of Al-Andalus under the name Ramadaniyyat. Ramadaniyyat seeks to unite people during the holy month through discussions of modernity and Arabness, a finale of an international musical partnership, and an art exhibition touching on giving and festivity.

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4 Day Festivities Will Feature A Series Of Art & Activities


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Starting on 3rd April, the event will commence. For the opening day, The Institute will host poetry, philosophy, and music. Anticipate certain reflections of modern Arabic poetry.

Following the first day, 4th April has Cinematic experiences in store. From documentaries to short films, Ramadaniyyat has it all.

Faraj Abyad’s Andalusian Love Story premiere will take place at the Arts Centre on 5th April. Andalusian Love Story is a mix of current and traditional poetry interwoven with classical Egyptian and Syrian sounds.

On April 6, an interactive workshop on how to set Arabic poetry to melody using the Arabic Maqam and rhythm will take place after the musical performance.

Hakeem, the local healer as called in ancient times, will conduct a workshop on 6th April. The individual will deliver the traditional natural healing process that was practised using herbs & plants.

To conclude the night, Suhoor is arranged that will follow all the events at the East plaza. The feast will run through all the 4-days of the Ramadaniyyat Programme. The community and the general public are welcome to relish the suhoor during the holy month of Ramadan.

So if you feel to immerse yourself in an artsy experience this month, then nothing’s better than this NYUD’s Ramadaniyyat Programme.

Cover Image Courtesy: Abu Dhabhi Media Office