A Parade Of Roses To Culinary Treats: All About The Upcoming Taif Rose Festival In Saudi Arabia

by Anupriya Mishra
A Parade Of Roses To Culinary Treats: All About The Upcoming Taif Rose Festival In Saudi Arabia

Taif Rose Festival is held annually in Taif, which is also known as the City of Roses. For this, they set up gorgeous rose gardens that leave visitors in awe! As it happens, the city is a haven for such blooming flowers, the fragrance of which is carried through the air by cool winds blowing from the mountains. And to commemorate this, the Taif Rose Festival is now making its way back to the city. Here’s all you need to know about this fiesta!

Taif Rose Festival Is Coming Back This April!

Pic credits: Pexels

Just like every year, Taif Rose Festival again plans to host a series of floral and fragrant events that will keep the visitors entertained. As reported by Arab News, this festival is organised by the Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia and it happens every year in April. The festival will open on April 21 and go on till May 5, which will leave visitors with ample time to experience the beauty of these blooming flowers.

For those who aren’t aware, Taif is often considered to be the leading producer of rose fragrances in the Middle East. This claim is not far-fetched as there are about 900 farms which produce over 300 million blooms every year in the period of March and April. Moreover, these flowers are then distilled and processed into oils, which are used by leading perfume brands like Givenchy.

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What Can You Expect At The Festival?

Talking about the attractions at this year’s festival, there will be a parade of roses that will proceed through the streets of Taif to all Al-Raddaf Park. As it happens, there will also be several activities and events, which also include a light show, market, and even a children’s zone to ensure there is something for everyone. And once you are done, taking in the beauty and fragrance of all these flowers, don’t forget to indulge in culinary delights that will be prepared by local chefs!

Moreover, it’s worth noting that last year the festival attracted nearly 1 million visitors and included over 50 events! So, you can only imagine how grand it is going to be this year.

Mark your calendars and let your friends know about this fabulous upcoming event!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/MoC_Engage