World’s Largest Water Project Is Coming To Saudi & It’s Set To Break The Nile River Record!

by Deeplata Garde
World’s Largest Water Project Is Coming To Saudi & It’s Set To Break The Nile River Record!

Saudi is becoming a sea of opportunities. Speaking of waterbodies, the kingdom is up with a mega-plan and the rumour has it that will break the record of the Nile River being the longest! We were equally stunned to hear this news. So let’s find out what is the digging up in Saudi Arabia!

World’s Largest Water Project In Saudi Set To Break Nile River Record

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The definition of long is getting revamped in Saudi! According to several sources, Saudi Arabia is digging up a river. To what degree you ask? Well, we can say it’s 12,000 kilometres long, four meters deep & 11 meters wide. That’s one massive upcoming project we say!

A prominent reporter from the kingdom has spilled some facts about this upcoming mega water project. For starters, he has announced that the orientation of the project will break the record of the Nile river being the longest! Sounds overstated? Well, it’s true though!
the initiative will make use of anti-corrosion pipes with a diameter of 2.25 metres. The initiative seeks to outpace the 6,650-kilometer-long Nile river.

According to the Saudi Journalist, this kind of project provides immense help in a desert country like Saudi.

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How Will The Implementation Of This Project Commence?

Pic Creds: Canva Stock Images

Al Shugairi claims that after a few years, water pipelines will be able to transport this fresh water from one place to another. This suggests that the undertaking will be twice as big as the Nile.

The pipes under Saudi cities are 126,000 kilometres long and would generate 9.4 million cubic metres of water every day if they were to circumnavigate the globe thrice.

Well, this reflects another project of Saudi for the welfare of the people and the nation together. A multitude of similar projects is coming up to make the country stand supreme and be acceptable to westerners. This will in turn change the facade of tourism in the Kingdom at large. Transport facilities in Saudi are also undergoing several changes to build a better infrastructure for the citizens and residents.

The relevance of these upcoming projects in Saudi reflects the vision of the King and his team to make Saudi a better place to be.

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