Saudi Bans Shrimps From India: All You Need To Know

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Bans Shrimps From India: All You Need To Know

Saudi has been keeping an eye out on the food imports that come to the nation from various regions. The news of Saudi banning the French import of meat and poultry was going around. Finally, the issue was sorted and the ban on French imports has been lifted. A recent ban was levied on Indian imported shrimp and its byproducts. Wanna know why? Let’s find out!

Saudi Arabia Bans Shrimp Imports From India Due To Virus Detection

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A White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) was recently discovered in the Indian imported shrimps to Saudi. This discovery led to a temporary ban on frozen shrimp and its products.

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture had instructed to gather samples of marine goods, such as shrimp shipped through frontier crossings, the authority claimed in a statement.

This led to the findings and further the ban on the Indian shrimp imported to Saudi Arabia. The ban is slated to be on until Indian importers ensure the Saudi authorities with ample proof against the presence of the virus and the safety of imported goods.

Even though the virus isn’t fatal for Humans in general but it’s a killer infection that can breed across penaeid shrimp.

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Saudi Also Banned Meat & Poultry Imports From Certain Regions

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The French ban was quite temporary and has been lifted already. But the ban on meat and poultry imports from Buenos Aires, Argentina is still an issue. What led to the ban? Well, the news suggested that a viral spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza made Saudi Authorities take an instant decision. The same outbreak was found on the french land, Maine. But The World Organization for Animal Health’s report, which stated that highly pathogenic avian influenza had been controlled in the area of Maine, served as the basis for the upliftment of the temporary ban.

A warehouse in Riyadh storing food products was recently raided by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). According to the sources the warehouse was storing food products with a permit. 5 tonnes of expired poultry of unclear provenance have been found there.

The SFDA acknowledged that the warehouse had broken several laws, including falsifying the production and expiration dates when they repackaged the chicken with new dates.

There were also several technical and health breaches, as well as the presence of employees who lacked valid health documents.

The department has shut down the warehouse and destroyed the products that were expired.

We wonder how the human race poses such a lethal threat to the community by selling expired food.

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