UAE Bans Travel Of Citizens To Lebanon; Recalls Diplomats In Beirut

by Krishna Toprani
UAE Bans Travel Of Citizens To Lebanon; Recalls Diplomats In Beirut

On Saturday, October 30, the United Arab Emirates announced the recalling of its diplomats in Beirut and banning its citizens from traveling to Lebanon in solidarity with Saudi Arabia in the backdrop of the unacceptable approach by some Lebanese officials against the Kingdom, reports Gulf News.

The move was announced by Khalifa Al Marar, Minister of State, who said: “The work will continue at the consulate and visa section within its diplomatic mission in Beirut during the current time.”

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The action comes one day after Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador in Beirut and asked the Lebanese ambassador to leave Riyadh within 48 hours due to the offensive remarks made by the Lebanese Minister of Information against the Arab coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen.

Additionally to this, the Kingdom  ceased all imports from Lebanon. Kuwait and Bahrain also recalled their ambassadors in Beirut.

From Lebanon’s Side

The President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Naim Aoun said on Saturday, October 30, that he wants the best relations with Saudi Arabia, looking to heal a rift with the kingdom after it expelled Beirut’s envoy and banned Lebanese imports in a diplomatic spat that risks adding to Lebanon’s economic crisis.

In a tweet President Michel Aoun said Lebanon is keen on strengthening links via bilateral deals, after mounting tensions following critical comments by a Lebanese minister about the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen.

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Saudi Arabia expelled Lebanon’s envoy and banned all Lebanese imports on Friday, and Bahrain and Kuwait followed suit, giving the top Lebanese diplomats 48 hours to exit. The United Arab Emirates later said it would withdraw all its diplomats and banned its citizens from travelling to Lebanon.

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