Abu Dhabi Corniche To Remain Closed Until 28 March

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Abu Dhabi Corniche To Remain Closed Until 28 March

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The Abu Dhabi Corniche will remain shut until 28 March. The beach authorities have closed all entrances to the corniche due to strong winds and dusty weather.

What’s It?

Planning to head to Abu Dhabi tomorrow? We’re afraid you might not be able to experience the Corniche. The Abu Dhabi beach authorities has decided to shut down the Corniche until 28 March.

Credits: Al Bahar Facebook

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates in the UAE were subjected to an unusually dusty weather over the last two days. The visibility has dropped to less than one kilometer and weathermen have predicted that the weather will continue to remain unstable through the week.

Credits: Al Bahar Facebook

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi corniche has been closed in order to keep residents away from the rough sea. In fact, authorities have closed entry gates and have prohibited residents from even going on a stroll on the beach. A guard said: “We have closed down the entry gates to the beach and not allowing people to use the beach. The beach will remain unaccessible till we get instructions from authorities.

The National Centre of Meteorology has also alerted motorists to be extra cautious while driving. Residents can expect to witness a drastic dip in temperature through the week, with coastal areas hitting a low of six to nine degrees. Heavy rains in scattered areas, accompanied by heavy clouds, dust and strong winds are expected on Wednesday, 28 March. 

What Else?

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