Abu Dhabi Has A Stunning World Of Illusions That You Can Explore For Free; Details Here

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi Has A Stunning World Of Illusions That You Can Explore For Free; Details Here

Are you looking for an Illusion paradise and do not want to splurge? The World of Illusions at Nation Towers Mall is where you should be then. Bring your loved ones and get lost in the World Of Illusions absolutely FREE! This wonderland has a lot to offer you, right from breathtaking optical illusions, light exhibitions, mirror rooms, all under one roof. This fantastical place is totally Insta-worthy.

Whats Exclusive At World Of Illusions?

Mirror Room

A darkly illuminated mirror area with thousands of LED lights of all sizes and colours is of prominence within the World of Illusions. The space creates an impression of you wandering through limitless universes. It has gigantic mirrors covering the walls, ceiling, and floor to give those feels.

Even through the exteriors of the chamber, the galaxy is visible via a pattern that resembles a fractured portion of a wall. This creates an illusion of viewing an infinite cosmos.

Photo Booths

Several displays have been put around the retail mall, besides the mirror room. Giant Illusion Photo Opportunities, an interactive display, will leave you astonished and perplexed when captured on camera. You can transform into a disembodied head on a platter or be a merry marionette puppet operated by a frightening huge hand.

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You also have access to a video booth with animated kaleidoscopic backdrops to assist you to take some extraordinary selfies.

Be Mesmerised By Custom-Designed 3D Artworks

A life-sized dragon, a hyper-realistic snake, and snakes on ladders are among the custom-designed 3D artworks. The optical creatures, including a cartoon panda and a robot dog, will keep the little adventurers occupied. It is indeed a world of pure imagination, what you’ll see, will be free and beyond expectations.

Nation Towers Mall has previously hosted exhibits titled “The Museum of Natural Mystery” and “The Time Machine.” The World of Illusions, light and 3D object display, is open for all at Nation Towers Mall. The exhibition is currently open and available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m, up to Friday, January 31.