Dubai Now Has A New Magic Park With 3D Visual Artworks

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai Now Has A New Magic Park With 3D Visual Artworks

Dubai may be home to whole lot of attractions, but there’s one place that is set to truly intrigue your mind. Get ready to be mesmerised by the interactive and mind-boggling world of Magic Park at Dubai Garden Glow. Magic Park at Dubai Garden Glow is now open for the sixth edition with new optical illusions and visual arts.

Explore Over 25 Fun Exhibits & 3D Artworks

The Magic Park boasts over 25 fun exhibits and 3D artworks that are sure to surprise you. The park is a haven for Instagrammers, so make sure you fold your gram with quirky clicks. The park uses unique geometric artwork that creates hypnotic optical effects.

The park creates a mysterious relationship between what the human brain understands and what our eyes are capable of seeing. The Magical World will surprise and inspire your imaginations to run wild while letting your click Insta-worthy pictures to spam your gram!

Lastly, favourites of the past seasons including the Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park and Art Park – are also back after a revamp, adding to all the fun and entertainment.

Climb The Burj, Dine In An Upside Down Cafe, Or Play 3D Chess

The Magic Park lets you try some of the coolest things, you would have never attempted before. Gather your friends and play a game of chess at the 3D chess room. If indoor games don’t excite you, unleash the superhero in you as you scale the world’s tallest tower- the Burj Khalifa.

Grammers are in for a treat as there’s plenty of opportunity to flood your gram with some intriguing pictures. Click a picture of you in a mirror looking out at you, capture a shot of you standing at a 45-degree angle in the living room where all the furnitures hang from the ceiling or defy gravity and dine in an upside down cafeteria. Don’t worry if you feel a bit lost, there are people to help you capture the precious moments for posterity.

Incase you want to add some thrill to the whole experience, be the lead actor in your own horror show. Pretend to be scared as a terrifying dinosaur crashes through the walls to engulf you. Save yourself from the clutches of King Kong or act like a magician and disappear to save yourself.

There’s also a dilapidated fluorescence room, where strange-looking animals lurk. Test the limits of your creativity and come up with the scariest photograph you can envisage. Recreate a horror scene or take an eerie picture of you heading into the unknown.

The Magic Park is not just about horror pictures and intriguing illusions though. It’s also about having loads of fun with family and friends. And the best place to capture it is the kaleidoscope. Step into the giant exhibit to become a part of the changing patterns. Opt for a solo or a group photo but pack in all the pizzazz for a perfect memento.


Location: Gate 6, Zabeel Park
Timings: Saturday to Thursday – 5 PM to 10:30 PM Friday & National Holidays- 5 PM to 11 PM
Cost: AED 65 (inclusive of VAT)