Abu Dhabi Issues Guidelines For Offices

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Abu Dhabi Issues Guidelines For Offices

UAE is slowly and gradually bouncing back to normal. Malls and offices have reopened and residents are now stepping out to lead a normal life. However, strict rules are in place and now, Abu Dhabi has rolled out a new set of guidelines for people returning to work.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development has issued six steps that employers must adhere to during the transitional return to work phase. The guidelines are issued to ensure workplace health and safety and to support employee needs. Individuals between 18-55 years of age are eligible to work from office. However, those above 55 years of age, pregnant women and those living with people with chronic diseases are ineligible.

DED also added that employees who can continue to work effectively from home must be encouraged to do so. Additionally, offices can operate only within a 30% workforce.

The advisory also focused on a number of additional measures for those working across specific sectors including wholesale and retail, construction, transport, manufacturing and utilities and hospitality. Retail sectors operating with more than 30 employees must install thermal cameras at shop entrances.

In addition, employees must follow strict guidelines including wearing protective clothing, maintaining social distance, undergo temperature checks, stagger breaks and avoid the oversharing of equipment where necessary.