Acne-Themed Cake, Anyone? Dermatologist Spends Work Anniversary Popping Pimples On Cake

by Sanjana Shenoy
Acne-Themed Cake, Anyone? Dermatologist Spends Work Anniversary Popping Pimples On Cake

In the day and age of unusual-themed cakes, it’s not uncommon to come across a cake that leaves you stunned, amused or even downright rolling off the floor in laughter. Recently, a dermatologist online celebrated his work anniversary with a wacky acne-themed cake and it’s disgusting and intriguing at the same time.

Dermatologist Pomps Pimples On His Acne-Themed Cake


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A post shared by Dr Naomi McCullum (@drnaomi1)

Dr Naomi McCullum AKA @drnaomi1 took to her Instagram account to share a fun video. What’s so fun about it? Well, she celebrated dermal therapist, Michael from @themanseclinic second work anniversary with a unique cake. In the video, you can see Dr Naomi entering Dr Michael’s cabin with a massive cake resembling human skin. The bottom layer resembles skin cells.

The topmost layer of the cake shows acne. Dr Naomi called this acne-themed cake the perfect one for a dermatologist. But what intrigued Dr Michael the most was the interactive bit about the cake. He celebrated his second anniversary popping pimples on the cake. As he squeezed the fondant-covered portions, little portions of cream oozed out of it, like the pus that comes out of one’s acne, when it’s popped. Dr Michael even went on to lick the cream AKA ‘pus’ that oozed out.

Looks like popping pimples has got a whole new meaning after this video. Netizens were quick to pass comments about this weird cake, here’s what they said. @daschow says, “Imagine you wish you would finally get a break on your birthday but your cake is another patient.” tsetsujin9 asks, “How can someone have the audacity to eat this after popping it”. @bxbykay.xoxo comments, “As much as I like watching when they do it on people, I will never eat that cake that looks nasty”.

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@knox_scottishshorthair strongly says, “I think Michael is the only one who enjoyed this”. @iamzvezdana almost puking says, ” screamed when he licked it”. @mrym_gnys_who finds this satisfying says, “This is disgusting but relaxing at the same time”.  @amandanurseinjector remarks, “This is just so cute and I don’t even know Michael but it is just so appropriate. All of my love from Montreal Canada”.

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Taking things to a whole new level, here’s a dental-themed cake with a dentist’s chair, a basin and a smiling tooth.

Meanwhile, what do you think about the pimple-popping cake? Is it too much to digest or would you get a weird pleasure popping the pimples on the acne-themed cake?

Cover Image Courtesy: @drnaomi1/ Instagram

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