Actor Viveck Vaswani Travels In Mumbai AC Local With Monthly Pass For ₹3,000; Praises Its Comfort

by Tooba Shaikh
Actor Viveck Vaswani Travels In Mumbai AC Local With Monthly Pass For ₹3,000; Praises Its Comfort

Every Indian household is familiar with the actor Viveck Vaswani’s face. He has played many memorable roles and is a beloved presence on screen. If you follow him on social media, you’ll know that he likes to keep it simple. He frequently travels via public transport and talks about it on his social media. He recently took to his Twitter account and shared his most recent travel via the Mumbai AC local.

Actor Viveck Vaswani Travels In Mumbai AC Local

If you’re a regular traveller of the iconic Mumbai local, you know that it is arguably the cheapest mode of public transport in India. No other mode of transport covers as great a distance at the same price point as the local trains do.

Recently, the Mumbai locals were supplemented with a few air-conditioned trains. While the price of the AC locals are significantly more expensive than regular local trains, they still make for a comfortable ride for those who can afford the luxury.

Actor Viveck Vaswani recently travelled in the Mumbai AC Local and he was all praises about its comfort and affordability. On the micro-blogging platform Twitter, he tweeted that after checking his usage, he took out an AC pass. To his astonishment, the one-month pass for the AC train from Churchgate to Andheri cost ₹3,000.

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“AC Was Seriously Cold”

Viveck Vaswani definitely seemed impressed with the price and comfort of the AC train. He even said that the air-conditioning inside the train was “seriously cold.” Since he posted the tweet in the morning, it has managed to garner more than 17.5 thousand views.

While some of the comments agreed with his tweet, many people rightly pointed out that cheap as it might seem for him, the AC locals are still not very affordable for the working class. Most of the people who travel regularly by local trains cannot afford to travel by the AC local.

To give readers an idea, a local train pass for the 2nd class for the same distance – from Andheri to Churchgate – would cost around ₹650. Passengers can travel unlimited for three months between the two stations for this amount. Where AC train costs ₹3,000, regular trains cost less than half of it.

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Cover Image Credits: @FanViveck/Twitter