Mumbai AC Local Leaves Mira Road Station With One Door Open Due To Overcrowding

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mumbai AC Local Leaves Mira Road Station With One Door Open Due To Overcrowding

Local trains are Mumbai’s lifeline and nothing can be more important to a Mumbaikar than this. Ask a Mumbaikar about struggle, and the first thing to slip from their mouth will be getting into the local train. Recently, a set of AC locals have been introduced to make people’s lives a bit easier. In a viral video, a Mumbai AC local leaves Mira Road station with one door open owing to overcrowding. 

AC Local Leaves Mira Road Station With One Door Open

On Thursday, an AC local train from Virar to Churchgate left Mira Road station with its one door open. The train suffered a technical glitch as it was running even though one of its doors was open. The incident took place due to overcrowding on the train during peak hour. 

A Twitter user, Diwakar Singh, was travelling inside the train and recorded a video of the train running without a door being closed. He posted the video on his Twitter account. This incident took place in the AC local that runs from Virar to Churchgate and reached Mira Road at 7:56am. 

The video features the general compartment, where the door on one side was left open. One can also see the rush inside the compartment and guess that the reason for this technical glitch must have been overcrowding. 

The Glitch Was Rectified Later

People were seen standing at the door in the video posted on Twitter. The passengers adjusted the door when it reached Dahisar station, and the door closed automatically. After some time, a technical staff member and examiner boarded the compartment to understand the glitch. 

The train reached Dadar station, and by then the glitch on the AC local had been rectified. Western Railway’s Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Sumit Thakur said that the door of the AC local was blocked by the passengers, which led to the glitch.

He requested the passengers not to obstruct the door of the train as it may cause a technical glitch and, in turn, cause a delay in train operations on the entire Mumbai line. 

(as reported by the Free Press Journal)

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Cover Image Courtesy: @diwakarsingh/Instagram