Soon, At Mumbai And Delhi Airports, Your Food Will Be Delivered On Electric Scooters

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Soon, At Mumbai And Delhi Airports, Your Food Will Be Delivered On Electric Scooters

Life has become so much easier and happier since food is just a click away. I mean, one cannot thank these food delivery apps for changing our lives. You can get your food delivered anytime, anywhere! Here is another piece of news that will make your life easier. You will soon get your food delivered at Mumbai and Delhi airports, and that too on electric scooters. 

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Food Will Be Delivered On Electric Scooters

We know how annoying it can be to run around the airport looking for food or waiting for it. Well, you don’t have to anymore. Very soon, food delivery will be functional at Mumbai and Delhi airports. Moreover, the delivery person will be delivering food to you on an electric scooter. 

This will be soon possible because BLive, an Indian EV store (Electric Vehicle), has given out electric scooters for the delivery of food. They teamed up with Lite Bite Foods (LBF) and Devyani International Limited (DIL) to offer EV advantages and solutions to more than 30,000 airline passengers each day. (according to a report by NDTV foods)

Notably, KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee, and Punjab Grill are just a few of the well-known brands that are housed by DIL and LBF, two of India’s biggest food chain operators.

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Proving A Hassle-Free Experience Airport Experience

With a high number of flyers flying down to these airports and their demands, DIL and LBF had to come up with sustainable solutions. Their staff used to meet the demands of the customers on foot, which would result in delays in orders and exhaustion of workers. With electric scooters, they could kill two birds with one stone. 

In addition to lowering carbon impact and facilitating a hassle-free airport experience, the company wants to shorten the time it takes to deliver food at airports, reduce customer wait times, and make the delivery staff’s life easier. 

They will also be able to take on the collective duty of tackling climate change with new and eco-friendly solutions thanks to Blive’s EV solutions. Going forward, the solutions look at bringing 100 per cent e-mobility adoption to the country.

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