Rajasthan’s Thar Festival Saw Millets Thali In The Special Mehman Nawazi Thali Competition

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Rajasthan’s Thar Festival Saw Millets Thali In The Special Mehman Nawazi Thali Competition

India’s largest state, Rajasthan, is known for its endearing hospitality and culture. The state celebrates many annual festivals, and Thar Festival is one of the best known. One of the largest districts in Rajasthan, Barmer is known for the colourful and vibrant Thar Mahotsav. The Zaiko Barmer Ro programme saw some interesting millet thalis with 20 different delicious dishes. Here are the dishes that were seen in the competition. 

Thar Festival And Millet Thali

The air of the city of Barmer was filled with pomp and enthusiasm as Rajasthan’s Thar festival was celebrated. Not many people know, but Rajasthan welcomes its guests with a special thali that has about 20 delicacies in it. 

Inspired by this, the Thar festival held a special competition named ‘Zaiko Barmer Ro’. This is a mehman nawazi thali competition, where special welcome thalis are prepared. This year, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced 2023 as the year of millets, the competition saw special millets thalis as well. 

Many thalis from the competition had dishes made using millets and were the centre of attraction of the competition. All the thalis looked super tempting and colourful. All the thalis had at least 20 dishes representing Rajasthani culture in them. 

Millets Were The Basis Of Western Rajasthani Cuisine

According to a report by News 18, the thalis at the Thar festival comprised dishes like Bajra roti, laapsi, Rajasthani kheech, Gatte ki sabzi, jaggery, Rabdi, Badi ki sabzi, Dal, Baati, and wheat churma. It also included garlic chutney, curry, bajra churma, khaja, ghee, shakkarpare, curd, and buttermilk. 

People were busy preparing for their thalis for two days. In the good old days, guests were always welcomed with a thali, and they believed the more dishes in the thali, the greater the love. But now these thalis are replaced by disposable plates. 

According to the judge of the event, Gudamalani Tehsildar Lakshmi Chowdhary, millets were actually the basis of western Rajasthani cuisine. It played a significant part in maintaining people’s health. She said that seeing millets again in the thalis is an overwhelming sight. 

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