Delhi Airport Ground Staff Helps Man Reach Chennai For His Father’s Last Rites Against All Odds

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi Airport Ground Staff Helps Man Reach Chennai For His Father’s Last Rites Against All Odds

We come across many incidents around us or on the Internet that make us believe that the world is devoid of kindness and humanity. But there are also some rare incidents that reinforce our beliefs. Similar is an incident shared on LinkedIn by a behavioural scientist from France, Yogesh Parmar. He shared an appreciation post for Delhi airport ground staff worker who, against all odds, helped him get on a flight to Chennai to perform his father’s last rites.

Delhi Airport Ground Staff Was Like Grace Dressed In Orange

Yogesh Parmar was in France when his father died two months ago on that day. He got into the very first available flight and landed in Delhi. He had 30 minutes to catch the domestic connection to Chennai, where his father’s last rites were to be performed. Even with expedited migration, he was left with only 15 minutes to board the flight. 

Losing all hope after multiple Air India employees did not help him, he was about to book the next flight. Flying on the next flight simply meant reaching after his father’s pyre was lit. Just then, a Delhi airport ground staff employee walked in to help him. Yogesh described that staff as “grace dressed in orange.” He jumped through hoops, spoke to seniors, and got the flight delayed for Yogesh.

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15 Surreal Minutes, Thanks To The Staff

Yogesh said that he does not even remember where the 21-year-old employee walked in. After knowing his reason for being on the flight, the staff said that they would help him board it. He called the next 15 minutes completely surreal as he walked with the staff. They ran through customs, crossed the gigantic side of T3, and at the check-in counter, grabbed a “no guarantee” boarding pass issued at the staff’s request.

While sprinting through the domestic terminal, the staff requested multiple higher-ups, spoke to the runway ground staff and the air hostess on the flight, and got the flight delayed by 5 minutes. He eventually got Yogesh on the Chennai flight and got him there in time for his father’s funeral. The post on LinkedIn has gone viral, with over 11,000 likes.

Delhi airport ground staff
Pic Credits: @yogeshparmar/Linkedin

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Cover Image Courtesy @yogeshparmar/Linkedin and Wikimedia commons