Spicy Food Lands Chinese Woman In Trouble, Fractures 4 Ribs Due To Coughing

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Spicy Food Lands Chinese Woman In Trouble, Fractures 4 Ribs Due To Coughing

Many of you must be spicy food lovers. We know how much spicy food excites you and how many glares you must be facing while normally gorging on spicy snacks without any hesitation. When someone who dislikes spicy food consumes it, they immediately begin coughing and their eyes water. But what if it breaks one’s ribs? In a very unfortunate incident, a Chinese woman broke her ribs because of spicy food.

Spicy Food Broke Ribs Of A Chinese Woman 

Huang, a Chinese woman from Shanghai, consumed spicy food and began coughing. Coughing after consuming spicy food sounds normal, but not in this case. While she was coughing, she heard a cracking sound in her chest. She did not pay much attention to that sound and continued with her work.

After some time, she began to experience pain and difficulty breathing and talking as well. She decided to visit the doctor as it became difficult to bear. The doctors advised her to get a CT scan, and the results showed that the woman had four broken ribs. The doctors treated her, and now she is asked to rest for a month.

chinese woman
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Coughing Fit And Body Weight

The doctors then revealed that her ribs had broken because of her coughing fit. The hidden and, in fact, primary cause of her rib cracking is her low body weight. The Chinese woman is 5 feet, 6 inches tall but weighs only 57 kg. Doctors said that her weight, compared to her height and age, is very low.

They told her that her rib cage is easily visible, which shows that there are no muscles to support it. This is why her rib cage fractured during a coughing fit. Huang has promised doctors to do exercises and gain muscle weight.

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