Good News! Shanghai Disneyland Reopens As China Eases Restrictions

Shanghai Disneyland Reopens
by Tooba Shaikh 184

Up until now, China followed a strict lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic. However, very recently, it has significantly eased its COVID-19 restrictions. In light of this recent update, travel searches for China have risen again. This means that soon, China will welcome a host of new visitors and travellers. As China eases its COVID-19 restrictions, Shanghai Disneyland reopens. In a recent statement, Shanghai Disneyland announced that it will soon welcome visitors again.

Disneyland in Shanghai to Reopen Soon

In a recent statement issued on their website by the authorities of Shanghai Disneyland, the amusement park will soon reopen for visitors again. That’s right! Shanghai Disneyland reopens soon! Located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, Disneyland is one of its major attractions. However, it was not open to visitors until recently.

This is because, after numerous protests over the matter, China has finally eased its COVID-19 restrictions. It is now finally open to tourists again. Hopefully this time, the amusement park will stay open for good.

Shanghai Disneyland Reopens

Pic Credits: Flickr

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Disneyland Shut Due To Covid Restrictions

Shanghai Disneyland reopened for visitors in November but was shut again on the 29th of November, merely four days after its reopening. This shutdown was due to the strict COVID-19 laws in China. However, since they have recently been eased significantly, Disneyland has announced its reopening again. Visitors are hoping that it won’t be shut down again like it was in the past. The strict coronavirus laws in China have recently faced a lot of backlashes.

Many citizens protested against the strict lockdown imposed by the Chinese government. Thankfully, China has finally eased its restrictions. This will be immensely beneficial for China’s tourism industry since people from all over the world can now visit China and its numerous attractions.

Shanghai Disneyland Reopens

Pic Credits: Flickr

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