China Launches World’s First Inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine; Tastes Like Milk Tea

by Sanmita A
China Launches World’s First Inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine; Tastes Like Milk Tea

China’s Shanghai has begun administering the world’s first inhalable COVID-19 vaccine. As news reports, the vaccine, inhaled through the mouth, tastes like milk tea. Chinese officials are giving this vaccine to the people vaccinated earlier. This inhalable one is more like a booster dose. China is giving this inhalable COVID-19 vaccine for free to the people. For more info on this, read on.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Inhalable

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Now Shanghai folks do not have to worry about painful needles, as China has come up with a booster dose that needs to be inhaled only. It is said to be inhaled through the mouth, giving a taste like milk tea. Reports say scientists hope to make such kinds of inhalable medicines for other countries. Such types of vaccines allow the vaccines can be administered easily to people. This will also allow all kinds of people who take vaccines, especially the ones who fear needles.

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China To Give Booster Vaccines Before Easing Restrictions

inhalable COVID-19 Vaccine
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As per news reports, China wishes to vaccinate with booster shots its citizens before the country finally eases the Covid-19 restrictions. Reports tell that 90% people of the China citizens are fully vaccinated, and 57% have been given the booster shot too. On Friday, the administration plans mass testing of 1.3 million people and at least keeping them in lockdown until the COVID-19 results are known. In the previous lockdown, China citizens had to go through difficulties like food shortages and even conflicts with the authorities. News reports also tell that people have taken to the streets to express their disappointment towards the extended lockdown. China has been very strict with its Zero Covid policy and has done everything to keep the disease in control and not spread further.

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