Say Hello To Suhail And Thuraya, The Pandas That Have Arrived From China Ahead Of FIFA In Qatar

by Deeplata Garde
Say Hello To Suhail And Thuraya, The Pandas That Have Arrived From China Ahead Of FIFA In Qatar

FIFA World Cup in Qatar is happening next month and we can’t hold our excitement. To wish good luck to Qatar, China sent two huge pandas. The gift landed in Qatar on Wednesday. The desert nation will house them in an indoor facility. This enclosure is strategically designed to mimic the atmosphere of dense woods suitable for pandas.

Thuraya And Suhail Are In The Town!

The panda duo, Thuraya and Suhail were previously staying in Sichuan province. The government changed the panda’s Chinese names to Arabic. Thuraya, the female, was previously called Si Hai whereas Suhail, the male had the name Jing Jing in China.  These pandas will undergo quarantine of 21 days before visitors can have a greet and meet with them. With this pleasant gesture by China, Qatar becomes the first Middle Eastern country to host pandas. Panda Park would draw a significant number of tourists and leisure travellers from both inside and outside of Qatar.

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Panda Park In Qatar

Before the World Cup kicks off, Panda Park will soon be accessible to the general public. The panda’s 120,000 sq m state-of-the-art facility is next to the Al Khor Family Park in Al Khor, which is 35 km from Doha.

The giant pandas would be under the supervision of an international group of medical professionals. These medical experts are highly qualified in giant panda medicine. To feed the two pandas, 2,814 bamboo trees are planted inside the park. Trees from the Sichuan province were brought in and put inside the structure.

The highly anticipated football event commences on Nov 20. Qatar is expecting 1.2 million visitors at the venue. Qatar is the first Arab nation to hold the world’s largest sporting event.

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