FIFA World Cup: Emirates To Pay AED 5,043 To Drive Down To Qatar

by Deeplata Garde
FIFA World Cup: Emirates To Pay AED 5,043 To Drive Down To Qatar

FIFA World Cup is a few days away and the anticipation is ridiculously high, globally. Are you travelling by car to catch the match in Qatar? You might have to obtain a vehicle entry permit through Hayya to drive from Dubai to Qatar. The cost to apply for this permit is around AED 5,043. Getting behind the wheel is going to cost you dearly in this case.

Apply For Vehicle Permit Through Hayya

Non-Qatari residents will need a mandatory vehicle permit to enter the borders of Abu Samra. The rule comes into action on Tuesday, November 1 and Friday, December 23.

You must submit an application via the Hayya portal. If after the process your application gets through, then you must buy car insurance and pay a non-refundable charge of Dhs5,043 within 24 hours to get the permit.

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Fans who have reservations for at least five nights of lodging will only be eligible for this extraordinary admission pass.

Additionally, the government only allows max 3 passengers in the car when crossing the border.

Reserve Parking Space

The parking space must be reserved in advance, and you must ride a bus to Doha Central Station.  Fans will need to leave their vehicles at the border if they are unable to secure a vehicle entry permit. Tuesday, November 1 marks the opening of the platform for booking your space.

Anyone who has a Qatari ID card and is driving a car with Qatari licence plates is exempt from this rule, as are residents, citizens, and those from the GCC.

So if you want to save your money and still watch FIFA World Cup then we believe you can visit your nearby screenings or pay it up to drive down to watch the matches live.

Cover Image Courtesy: FIFA