Qatar World Cup: Here’s Your Guide To Applying The Hayya Card

by Ishita Agarwal
Qatar World Cup: Here’s Your Guide To Applying The Hayya Card

There are just over 100 days before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and anticipation is growing. It’s time to submit your Hayya Card application if you were fortunate enough to get tickets. A Hayya Card application is required of all visitors from outside Qatar who seek to enter the country between Tuesday, November 1, 2022, and Monday, January 23, 2023. Continue reading for a thorough tutorial if you haven’t yet applied for a Hayya Card. 

What is Hayya Card? 

So, before going into the process of applying for the Hayya Card, let’s understand what Hayya Card is all about. Hayya Card is 2022’s equivalent to the Fan ID. However, it is now in circulation and gives holders access to various perks. It gives access to perks like Entry into Qatar, entry to games, metro transportation, and many more. Hayya Card will make your entries into stadiums much more easier. 

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Who Can Apply For The Hayya Card? 

At the time of publication, ticket holders are encouraged to apply for a Hayya Card. Further details on what will happen for those who don’t have tickets will be released at some point in the future. 

To apply for a match ticket, fans may visit or download the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app. The application is for both iOS and Android users. 

What Information Do You Require To Apply For The Hayya Card? 

In addition to a valid match ticket and some basic personal information, you can get by signing up for an account on the website using your email address and a password. Even if you haven’t yet found a place to stay, you may get started on your application. As an international supporter, however, your application will not be complete until your lodging has been verified via the Hayya site.

There is no need to schedule an interview if you are in Qatar for less than 24 hours on one of the shuttle flights. International supporters may enter Qatar with only the Hayya Card; no further visa is required.

Applying for the Hayya Card might be challenging; if you have any concerns or need assistance, you can contact the and raise your concern. 

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