FIFA Unveils A Tent City For Fans To Enhance Qatar World Cup Experience

FIFA World Cup
by Deeplata Garde

The countdown to the 2022 FIFA World Cup is on, and it’s causing quite a stir in the Middle East. The England-America tournament that is happening in Qatar this year is making quite a stir. An unbelievable request for 3 million tickets for the world cup has come up from the crazy football fans. FIFA has shown a tent city where World Cup spectators can accommodate in Qatar.

Fan Village Experience In Qatar

The tents, however, won’t be your typical camping experience, and a night’s stay at the Al Khor site will cost supporters about £ 350.It’s certainly still the least expensive option for any supporter who wants to watch their team compete. Anyway the small state has very limited hotel bookings during the tourney that begins in November.

FIFA allows World Cup spectators to stay in tents for £ 350 per night while camping. The tents, however, are set up to include a variety of conveniences you’d find at a typical hotel.

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What’s Inside The £ 350 Tent?

They are huge, come with air conditioning, a private toilet, and amenities for making tea and coffee.
A TV, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, refrigerator, safe, and even Wi-Fi are all luxurious extras that help a hotel room match its many amenities. The tent city will lodge in Al Khor, the Qatari city hosting the World Cup.

It shares a location with the tent city in Al Khor in a city that hosts World Cup matches. Additionally, it is only 40 minutes to Doha, the capital city.
Fan Village Al Khor provides a distinctive Arab excursion that integrates and reflects Qatari customs. The lodging is cosy, filled with modern conveniences. It’s designed in a way that makes it look like a typical Qatari tent. You can disconnect and re-establish contact with nature, culture, and the allure of the golden beaches by staying directly on Farkiah Beach.

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