13 Airlines To Begin Operations At Doha International Airport Ahead Of FIFA World Cup

by Deeplata Garde
13 Airlines To Begin Operations At Doha International Airport Ahead Of FIFA World Cup

Starting from September 15th, 13 airlines will start operating at Doha International Airport. This will continue till FIFA World Cup lasts i.e. December. The reopening of Doha International Airport was taken in charge of millions of tourists flocking to the nation for the tournament. Since being partially supplanted by the neighbouring Hamad International Airport in 2014, the Doha airport remained in semi-retirement.

Flights To Qatar Increased Due To FIFA World Cup

During this year’s soccer World Cup, Qatar Airways announced on Thursday that other Gulf Arab airlines would run over 180 regular shuttle flights to Qatar. This initiative will allow supporters to fly in from neighbouring locations and alleviate Doha’s lodging shortage. Due to the high demand predicted for the FIFA World Cup, airfares from the UAE to Qatar have surged. The economy class rates increased by approximately 1,900%.

From November 21 until December 18, the Fifa World Cup will take place. During the tournament, it’s projected that travel between Qatar and the UAE, particularly from Dubai, would increase significantly. As many UAE football fans go to Doha to watch matches, many will also visit Dubai.

Flights between the two Gulf nations are now operated by the UAE airlines flydubai, Etihad, Air Arabia, and Qatar Airways.


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List of Airlines mentioned below are among the 13 airlines starting their flights at Doha International Airport

  1. Ethiopian Airlines
  2. Etihad Airways
  3. Flydubai
  4. Himalaya Airlines
  5. Tarco Aviation
  6. Pakistan International Airlines
  7.  SalamAir
  8. Jazeera Airways
  9. Nepal Airlines
  10. Air Arabia
  11. Air Cairo
  12. Badr Airlines
  13.  Pegasus Airlines

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Qatar Will Observe A High Amount Of Fans Flocking The Country

The tournament might draw 1.2 million tourists or nearly half of Qatar’s conservative population. And the country is primarily expected to undergo posing logistical and enforcement challenges.

The games will be held in eight stadiums surrounding Doha, Qatar’s only major city. It is the smallest state to host soccer’s biggest event. Qatar is probably the size of Jamaica. Flydubai could run up to 60 regular flights from Dubai, the country’s tourist hub.

Data is indicating that economy class ticket pricing is between Dh360 and Dh3,370, while first-class tickets cost between Dh4,170 and Dh7,110. With recent developments, the airfares have dropped drastically to Eh2,500. This is owing to additional flights that will fly between UAE-Doha. However, owing to high demand, economy class ticket prices will rise in November.  However, one-way economy class tickets cost nearly Dh7,100.

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