This 89-Year Old Pizza Delivery Man Gets Rewarded For His Kind Behaviour

by Sanjana Shenoy
This 89-Year Old Pizza Delivery Man Gets Rewarded For His Kind Behaviour

Kindness runs a long way. And the internet is full of kind, heartwarming stories that would leave you shedding a tear of two. This story comes all the way from Utah in the USA. An 89-year-old man named Derlin was working as a pizza delivery man to earn a living. Despite old age, he would work 5 to 6 shifts a day, working tirelessly, with a huge smile on his face and striking up conversations with people while delivering pizzas. His hard-working, kind nature won the internet, where tiktokers decided to give him a little present. Read on to know more.

Derlin Worked 5 to 6 Shifts To Make Ends Meet Despite Old Age

Everytime 89-year-old Derlin came to deliver pizzas, he’d start a friendly conversation with people with a huge smile on his face. The Valdez family learnt that Derlin had been working 5 to 6 shifts a day to afford his bills. They started getting their pizzas delivered from him and generously tipped him. Their digitised doorbell recorded the heartwarming conversation they had with Derlin when he came to deliver pizzas at their doorstep.

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Social Media Joined Hands To Make A Donation For Him

In order to help him they shared his story on social media. TikTokers were taken aback by his kindness and hardworking, determined nature despite his old age. Netizens united and raised a whopping $12,000 ( ₹9,22,146) as a reward for his kindness. Upon receiving the donation, the 89-year-old was moved to tears of gratitude. The video went viral, garnering oodles of love and support on social media. Meanwhile, have you heard of Delhi’s Sardarji Omelette Wala?