ADAFSA Confirms Safety Of Perrier Water In Abu Dhabi; Takes Measures To Prevent Any Unsafe Products

Perrier water products are safe to consume confirms ADAFSA after taking preventive measures.

by Shreya Rathod
ADAFSA Confirms Safety Of Perrier Water In Abu Dhabi; Takes Measures To Prevent Any Unsafe Products

On Sunday, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) denied claims circulating about Perrier water products. They assured the emirate’s customers that all required steps were being taken to keep unhealthy products out of the marketplaces.

ADAFSA Confirms Safety Of Perrier Water Products In Abu Dhabi

In a tweet on its X (previously, Twitter) account, the Authority reassured customers in the emirate that it is taking all required precautions and protocols to prevent any unsafe and dangerous commodities from accessing the emirate’s marketplaces. They went on to say that ADAFSA’s operations are underpinned by technical regulations, processes, and legislation. Further, they are backed by international precedents and scientific underpinnings. These materials are also continuously evaluated and updated to reflect the most recent advancements.

The ADAFSA emphasised how crucial it is for customers to have faith in the quality of food. Regardless of whether the produce is locally-produced of from the international market. Throughout the supply chain, every food product that is in use is closely regulated. 

Additionally, strict restrictions are applied at different ports on imported food goods. No product is permitted entry unless it has been confirmed that it complies with approved requirements. Furthermore, food products in sales centres undergo inspection and sampling to guarantee they are wholesome enough to eat.

French Regulators’ Concerns About Water Quality

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Credits: Pemberton Farms/ Facebook

Prior to this, Nestle announced that it had increased oversight in response to French regulators’ concerns about the quality of its bottled mineral water brands, notably Perrier. The move was prompted by rumours that France’s food safety authorities had proposed stricter regulation of the sources of Nestle’s mineral water after contamination was found.

Last year, the health ministry received a recommendation from Nestle on the purported use of illicit treatment to purify its mineral waters, which prompted an inquiry by the prosecutors. Furthermore, all food products are inspected and sampled in sales centres to guarantee that they are safe for ingestion. 

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The significance of customers’ trust in the calibre of food offered in local markets—regardless of whether it is domestically produced or imported from overseas—was also stressed.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pemberton Farms/ Facebook

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