AED 3,000 Fine For Stepping Out Unnecessarily In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
AED 3,000 Fine For Stepping Out Unnecessarily In Dubai

Dubai has eased restrictions and now most businesses are back and running in the emirate. Gyms, cinemas, parks and beaches are now open to the public, with restrictions in place. However, mobility restrictions still remain during National Sterilization hours- 11 pm -6 am in Dubai and 10pm to 6am in all other emirates.

The Dubai Police have also warned residents about a fine of AED 3000 if they stepped out unnecessarily. Further, they added that residents can step out during curfew time, only of absolutely necessary. This includes:

-Buying food and medicines

-Health emergencies

-Job-related purposes in vital sectors.

Furthermore, all those who wish to step out during curfew must apply for a work permit on, before venturing out.

In addition, radars have been adjusted to catch people violating movement restrictions in the emirate. The radars are controlled by systems that use artificial intelligence and can be adjusted accordingly. Dubai Police have adjusted settings on all internal roads and highways to keep a close watch on residents.

Credits: Gulf News

As per the announcement made by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, business activities in the emirate will reopen from Wednesday, May 27. Residents can move freely with NO restrictions between 6am and 11pm each day. Now, with the curfew pushed to 11pm- 6am, speed radars have been set up across the city to catch those violating the rules.

Besides, those who fail to adhere to the new rule will also be fined AED 3000. Those who wish to leave home during the curfew timings, must apply for a move permit. People working in vital sectors are exempt from the new restriction hours.

Covid Fines In Dubai

Meanwhile, Dubai Police issued 58,641 radar fines on movement restriction violators from March 26 to April 16. 52,069 fines were put in place against violators of movement restrictions. 45,654 warnings and 6,424 fines for violating safety instructions have also been issued. 38,702 fines were issued against people who left their homes unnecessarily, and 3,696 fines were issued to people who exceeded the maximum limit of three passengers in a single vehicle.

“Fines for not wearing masks, exceeding the number of passengers in one vehicle or for failing to leave safe distance will be issued by the police around the clock as those fines are not linked to the movement restriction order,” Brig Al Mazroui explained.

Residents can also report violators by calling non-emergency number, 901 or by using the Police Eye service on smartphones.

List Of Fines

  • AED 10,000 for violators of the public or private gatherings restriction and AED 5,000 fine for each participant in the gathering.
  • AED 1,000 for violating the physical distance measure.
  • AED 1,000 for people who do not wear masks.
  • AED 1,000 for drivers exceeding three passengers in a vehicle.