After 6 Missed Deadlines, Mumbai’s Gokhale Bridge To Partially Open On February 25

After multiple delays, Andheri’s Gokhale Bridge is set to open, albeit partially, by February end.

by Tashika Tyagi
After 6 Missed Deadlines, Mumbai’s Gokhale Bridge To Partially Open On February 25

There is nothing exceptional about missing deadlines and setting new ones when it comes to infrastructure projects in India. So, in some good news, the Gokhale Bridge in Mumbai’s Andheri area is set for a partial opening on February 25. However, the locals fear that the authorities will not be able to fulfil their promise to complete the entire bridge by the monsoon this year. As per reports, there is still a lot of pending work on this project.

After Many Delay, Gokhale Bridge To Partially Open On Feb 25

After six missed and extended deadlines, the Gokhale Bridge is set for partial opening. The opening ceremony is slated for February 25. The bridge was closed in November 2022 due to certain structural issues and was declared unsafe. It was demolished in December 2022, before reconstruction began in April 2023. The first girder of the east-west connector on this bridge was launched in December 2023. Now, the second girder is expected to arrive in Mumbai in February.

As per BMC, they successfully completed the concreting part of the bridge last month. However, works like lighting, signage, and lane marking are yet to be completed before the bridge is inaugurated at February end. To ensure the opening is done on time, the locals have been sending regular reminder letters to the BMC.

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Locals Raise Concerns About The Delay & Remaining Work

Gokhale Bridge

Seeing the previous delays and extended deadlines, the local residents have shown concern about the timely opening of the Gokhale Bridge. So, they have been sending reminder letters with their concerns to the BMC. They fear that the bridge will not be completed before monsoon, as assured by BMC. This fear mainly comes from the fact that phase 2 work is still pending on this bridge.

Well, we hope the remaining project is completed on time and it doesn’t cause any more trouble to the locals.

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