After Sharks, Sea Snakes At UAE Beaches Alarm People, Warning Issued For Emiratis Visiting These Beaches!

by Deeplata Garde
After Sharks, Sea Snakes At UAE Beaches Alarm People, Warning Issued For Emiratis Visiting These Beaches!

Winters are here and so is the time for snakes to reach the beaches. And UAE has already spotted a few sea snakes on its pristine beaches. It might be venomous or not but don’t take a risk if you spot one. So if you are in UAE mainly Abu Dhabi and planning for a beachy day then the environmental agency suggests you be very cautious. Let’s understand the precautions for visiting the beach.

Sea Snakes Spotted At Saadiyat Island & Abu Dhabi Corniche

Sea snake sightings around the waters of the Emirates are reported annually. Before you become alarmed, be aware that these creatures in the UAE rarely bite.
The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi tweeted a warning about venomous sea snakes or bogni. They can be frequently spotted swimming in the shallow coastal waters of the United Arab Emirates.

Call them sluggish or scared for their own safety, but sea snakes would choose to slither away rather than attack. There is rarely any sea snake biting incident that has come to light in UAE.

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These Creatures InHabit In Coral Reefs

Sea snakes
Pic Creds: Canva Images

During this cooler time of year, when temperatures average around 22°C, sea snakes are frequently spotted in the coastal waters around Abu Dhabi feeding and reproducing. During the warmer months, they withdraw into deeper water.

These sea snakes can be found in the UAE’s open and shallow waters, coral reefs, and beaches. Some locals may see these creatures out in the open around this time of year, when the water temperature starts to decrease, and become alarmed.

Precautions To Take While Visiting The Beach

sea snakes
Pic Creds: Canva Images

1. Avoid Panicking
2. Don’t try to touch or hold the snake
3. Try to click and share pictures with the Abu Dhabi government
4. If it bites immediately approach the hospital as the snakes are venomous

UAE has over 70 species of sea snakes and they grow about 2 meters long. Frequent spottings of these creatures are Saadiyat Island & Abu Dhabi Corniche. So make sure you take the above-mentioned precautions while visiting the beaches.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images