After The Ban On Single-Use Plastic, Abu Dhabi Promotes Use Of Paper Bags Made By 4-Yr-Old

Abu Dhabi encourages use of paper bags for environmental conservation.

by Deeplata Garde
After The Ban On Single-Use Plastic, Abu Dhabi Promotes Use Of Paper Bags Made By 4-Yr-Old

After significantly reducing single-use plastics in June 2022, Abu Dhabi is now advocating for paper bag usage across the Emirate. This initiative aims to raise awareness among the public and encourage students to participate in environmental conservation.

Kindergarten Students Lead the Way For Plastic Ban Initiative

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Recently, a group of kindergarten students from private schools in Abu Dhabi took action to promote this eco-friendly policy. These young eco-warriors asked shopkeepers to switch to paper bags and provided a bunch of them, proudly saying no to plastic. Specifically, students from KG 1 and KG 2 of Sunrise English Private School in Abu Dhabi made a significant impact by delivering paper bags to local shopkeepers this week. Their effort strongly supported the government’s mission to eliminate single-use plastics.

This activity was introduced by the school’s principal and headmistress to involve kindergarten students in innovative and eco-friendly tasks. The enthusiasm and dedication of these young students showcased a practical approach to environmental education.

Aligning with the Year of Sustainability With Use Of Paper Bags In Abu Dhabi

This initiative aligns with the country’s continuation of the ‘Year of Sustainability,’ building on last year’s theme promoted by the guardians of these young eco-champions. A parent expressed pride in their children and praised the school’s efforts in raising awareness about climate change issues. The campaign’s primary goal is to educate kindergarten kids on the benefits and necessity of using paper bags instead of plastic bags. Under their teachers’ guidance, these enthusiastic students created paper bags, contributing to environmental conservation.

Positive Community Impact

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In the Shabiya neighbourhood of Abu Dhabi, these pre-kindergarten students distributed their paper bags to various stores near their school. This initiative received a positive response and gratitude from shopkeepers, which boosted the students’ confidence. One shopkeeper expressed his gratitude, promising to use the paper bags and inform customers about their eco-friendly origins.

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Building a Sustainable Future

The efforts of these kindergarten students and their schools highlight the importance of early environmental education. By actively participating in eco-friendly initiatives, young students develop a deeper understanding of sustainability and its impact on the world. The simple act of creating and distributing paper bags not only supports the government’s policy but also instils a sense of responsibility in the younger generation. Abu Dhabi’s commitment to sustainability and the enthusiasm of its youngest residents showcase a promising path towards a more eco-friendly society.

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