AI Artist Paints The City With Pasta; Netizens Love Seeing Building & Cars Wrapped In Pasta

by Shreya Ghosh
AI Artist Paints The City With Pasta; Netizens Love Seeing Building & Cars Wrapped In Pasta

Artificial intelligence has taken the world and different work fields by storm. Many of us have contrasting opinions about this advancement. No matter what we think about artificial intelligence, its impact, and its future, one thing all of us will agree on is that nothing brings our imagination to life better than AI software. Without a single doubt, it has revolutionised our perspective towards editing and more creative fields. Recently, an artist has stunned the world with his artworks with pasta playing the primary role.

Let’s Take A Trip To The Imaginary World Of Pasta

Taking to Instagram, If Only | AI artist ( shared a set of images of some establishments of a city wrapped in pasta from all around.


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A post shared by If Only | AI artist (

An AI artist used his and our love for pasta and curated fascinating artworks with it. Out of all the AI images going viral in recent times, these are surely one of our favourites. And the reason behind gaining all our attention is the building, shop, church, car, and more establishments being wrapped in pasta. He used different types such as spaghetti, penne, linguine, fettuccine, and more to curate these stunning pictures using artificial intelligence.

The images of shops, buildings, and tall infrastructure all covered and wrapped in pasta surely look interesting yet lovely. The use of AI in curating each of these pictures is just impeccable. The artist shared the set of AI-curated images with the caption, “If only pasta could take over the city”. The best part is that the pictures look so realistic. Though these are far from reality, it doesn’t look like that at all.

Pasta has a humongous fanbase all over the world. Not just in Italy, this delectable food item is relished in different countries in different ways. Be it as a basic pasta recipe, salad, or even lasagna, it is too hard for foodies to say no to these scrumptious delicacies. Raise your hands if you can relish this dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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What Do The Netizens Think Of These Amazing Artworks?

Picture credit- Instagram/ If Only | AI artist (

These pictures of buildings and other establishments covered in pasta have definitely impressed Internet users. Everyone is in awe of the AI artist’s talent and his innovative thoughts behind using artificial intelligence and making these artworks. Instagrammers continue to appreciate the artist’s skills and pour love and appreciation in the comment section. Everyone is quite impressed with the idea of our surroundings covered in different types of pasta. Out of hundreds of AI-curated pictures and artworks making rounds on different social media platforms, this one looks like one of the most interesting and unique.

Here’s what the Netizens have to say about these AI-curated images. Someone commented, “This is brilliant!👏🏼💛”. A comment read, “On point/aldente! When can I move in?”. An Instagrammer wrote, “In love with the work that you do ❤️”. Someone commented, “Your prompts are amazing!!”

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What do you think about these images of a city and its buildings and shops covered in different types of pasta? Would you like to see this in real life?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ If Only | AI artist (

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