Air India’s Iconic Sarees Might Be Retiring; Cabin Crew Will Get New Uniforms Soon

by Mallika Khurana
Air India’s Iconic Sarees Might Be Retiring; Cabin Crew Will Get New Uniforms Soon

In the world of aviation, where tradition often soars alongside innovation, a transformation is quietly unfolding. For six decades, Air India’s flight attendants have gracefully donned the iconic saree while traversing the skies, serving passengers, and embodying a unique sense of elegance. However, as the calendar year draws to a close, the curtain appears to be descending on this time-honoured sartorial tradition. The airline that proudly held the distinction of being the only one with women flight attendants wearing sarees is poised to embrace a more contemporary wardrobe. It’s a transition that signals not just a change in attire but also a shift in the very fabric of the airline’s identity.

Air India’s Flight Crew Uniforms To Change Soon

Crew uniform
Photo Credits: Air India/Website

This transformation marks the end of an era, as Air India has been the only airline with such a distinctive dress code for its female flight attendants. The origin of this iconic dress code dates back to the early 1960s. Earlier, female crew members of Air India used to wear a skirt, jacket, and hat. It was the visionary late JRD Tata who introduced the idea of adorning sarees for flight attendants. 

As per the reports from Hindustan Times, leading this transition into modernity is renowned fashion designer Manish Malhotra. He is meticulously crafting the new look but remained tight-lipped due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). However, insiders familiar with the development revealed that the new uniforms will still offer traditional options.

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Make Way For Fresh Uniforms

Air India uniform
Photo Credits: Air India/Website

As per the Hindustan Times reports, an official anonymously disclosed that churidars will be one of the options for women, and the male crew members will wear suits. The sarees will reportedly take a backseat and might not even be included in the set of uniforms at all.

But according to another official, sarees might not completely vanish from the scene. According to reports, the airline was given many options, including ready-to-wear sarees that resemble traditional sarees but are not draped in the same way. The management has not yet decided on these options, though.

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As Air India undergoes this transformation, it’s likely to disappoint enthusiasts of the saree. Social media platforms have seen hashtags like #nineyards and #sareetwitter trend, with accounts dedicated to women gracefully navigating their daily lives and work environments while wearing sarees.

This shift marks the end of an era for Air India’s iconic saree-clad flight attendants.

Cover Image Courtesy: Air India/Website