Airbnb Gets More Affordable With Private Room Stays On Rent

by Shreya Ghosh
Airbnb Gets More Affordable With Private Room Stays On Rent

Airbnb is always a trusted rental company when we look for booking our stays on a vacation, be it within India or across borders. With new launches, they have made sure that the patrons get to enjoy beautiful experiences while staying at their properties. Airbnb is the perfect amalgamation of cosy stays, good facilities, and affordability. The entire cycle of booking a property from the company is about to get better as they just introduced an all-new take on the original experiences.

Airbnb Launched Airbnb Rooms

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The 2023 summer called for a grand makeover for the company. Airbnb is bringing in many new features and upgrades to enhance its facilities and services. The first grand introduction in the list of advancements is Airbnb Rooms. According to the company, this introduction is “an all-new take on the original Airbnb”. Users can now conveniently look out for private room stays as there is a separate ‘Rooms Category’.

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What Is The Rooms Category?

This category comes with a curated list of about 1 million options for private rooms. Users can get to know about the properties’ hosts with Host Passport. This option comprises all the information about the hosts of these rooms. One can even select the preferred room with the help of “additional filters and expanded privacy features”.

Private Rooms By Airbnb Are A Better Option For Many

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Tourists are preferring these private rooms more than other stays. Taking the numbers of the last year into consideration, over 80 per cent of private rooms in India cost ₹2572 (per night) on average. The cost was less than $100 (per night) in international destinations.

Not just being easy on the pocket, another great thing about choosing private rooms is that tourists get to experience the local essence of the place they are visiting. These stays take the visitors a step closer to the place and provide them with the chance to enjoy local experiences.

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Interestingly, Airbnb Rooms gained major popularity ever since the categories were introduced last year in May. These Rooms are now the third most booked category.

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