Airline Jokes With Passenger For Not Getting Window Seat Despite Paying; Gets Slammed

by Vinita Jain
Airline Jokes With Passenger For Not Getting Window Seat Despite Paying; Gets Slammed

Most of us prefer a window seat on a flight while travelling to enjoy the breathtaking views.  Don’t we? Even if that means that we have to pay extra for it! And that’s exactly what a passenger did when she booked a flight with Ryanair.

Passenger’s Complaint About the Window Seat

The passenger, with Twitter handle as Martaverse, tweeted a photo of the seat she was given on the flight. The seats had no windows. She wrote, “Seriously @Ryanair I paid for the window seat.” However, Ryanair responded to the passenger complaint with a rather cheeky response. They reverted to the same photo after circling the round-open crimson exit door to justify the cost. Take a look at the picture.

The tweet was shared on September 12th and ever since has garnered over 6 lakh combined likes and replies. Ryanair’s cheeky response is currently irking the Netizens. In addition, the airline’s move to be cheeky instead of apologising made people even more disappointed.

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The Airline’s Joke Got Major Flak

People pointed out that Ryanair tried to hide their poor customer service with jokes. After seeing their reaction to the window seat issue, many Twitter users argued that the customer was indeed cheated by the airline. Some people also believe she should receive a full refund for the inconvenience caused.

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A user wrote, “So unprofessional to publicly belittle a customer for their complaint for Twitter likes. The issue is obvious and legitimate. I really miss when companies behaved like adults even if the flights are cheap.”

Another one wrote, “Imagine thinking this was funny. They’ve taken someone’s money and mugged them off then think they can try to make this socially acceptable by getting people to think it’s funny on Twitter.”

“Not funny. Not funny at all if you made a passenger pay extra for a window seat” commented a third.

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Well, not all Tweet replies have to be cheeky or sassy.