All Beaches Of Sentosa Island Are Closed For Tourists Due To An Oil Spill; Details Inside

The water of three popular beaches in Sentosa Island has blackened.

by Sanjana Shenoy
All Beaches Of Sentosa Island Are Closed For Tourists Due To An Oil Spill; Details Inside

Think Sentosa Island and you’d instantly be reminded of luxurious waterfront homes and casinos. This resort island in Singapore has attracted luxury tourists for a long time. But things have come to a sudden halt as the beaches of Sentosa Island are now closed to tourists. Read on to know what’s the reason behind this.

Oil Spillage Leads To Closure Of Beaches On Sentosa Island

As per a report by Hindustan Times, on Saturday, maritime authorities discovered an oil spill at a port near Sentosa Island. Singapore’s top resort island has been known for its pristine beaches and ultra-luxury amenities. However, this has come to a halt on the island as the oil spillage has led to a closure of Sentosa’s beaches. Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) stated that the oil spillage was a result of an accident on Friday. A Netherlands-flagged dredger rammed into a stationary Singapore-flagged bunker vessel.

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The water of three popular beaches in Sentosa Island has blackened and turned murky due to the oil spillage. Currently, Tanjong, Siloso and Palawan beaches are closed to the public. Authorities are focusing on beach clean-up work. There’s also a sign on one of the beaches that informs about the oil slick and the consequent cleanup process. It warns tourists to steer clear of the water.

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Beach Shacks Closed; Clean-Up Drives In Progress

According to Hindustan Times, the MPA stated that patches of oil and light sheens were spotted off Pasir Panjang Terminal and along Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong beaches. The oil spill response craft is deployed to spray oil dispersants on the affected areas. They are also collecting oil slicks on the water surface. Fortunately, navigational traffic hasn’t been affected.

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According to Business Standard, the oil slack has spread to other beaches on Sentosa Island and Sentosa Cove. This is a residential enclave that has over 2000 homes. Apparently, all the beaches have been shut off until the clean-up was commenced. Tanjong Beach Club which is normally filled with tourists on the weekends, lies empty now. Beach shacks on the shoreline have also been blocked off with tapes and warning signs.

As beaches and beach shacks of Sentosa Island are closed to the public due to the oil spillage, tourists are avoiding a visit to the island.

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