All Cabs In Delhi Will Soon Have Emergency Panic Buttons

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
All Cabs In Delhi Will Soon Have Emergency Panic Buttons

Under 140 Characters

Delhi operated taxis will soon be getting emergency panic buttons in order to prevent women from harassment.

What Is It?

The Delhi Government has come up with an initiative to install GPS-linked panic buttons in all taxis operating in Delhi by April 2019.

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What’s In It?

Due to growing number of incidents of women harassment, the Delhi’s transport department has promised that by April 2019, taxis like Uber and Ola will have an emergency GPS-linked panic button while travelling in the NCR region for women safety.

The devices will be fitted inside the vehicle, passengers can alert the transport department and police control rooms for taking quick action by pressing the button.

The state transport departments are responsible for installing a system in place for tracking public transport vehicles. The feature will enable the police and transport department will be able to track down the location of the vehicle and take immediate action.

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This will be installed and made mandatory for all app-based taxis in Delhi NCR by April 2019.


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