All Clocks Run Backwards In This Gujarat Village And Here’s Why!

by Shreya Ghosh
All Clocks Run Backwards In This Gujarat Village And Here’s Why!

Going back in time is impassable. As the clock rotates in the clockwise direction, we move forward along with time. If it is now 9 pm, it will be 10 pm after an hour. This is how it has been forever. But what if we tell you clocks run backwards in a small village in India? You might find it difficult to believe but it is actually true. Such things are something that we watch in movies, but surprisingly it actually happens in real life too. And you can experience it in India.

Clocks Run Backwards In This Village

India is a country of diversity and different cultures. Every person has a different story to tell. Their beliefs are different, their practices are different from one another. And the clocks rotating in an anti-clockwise direction are actually one of these beliefs and practices. The name of the village is Godhra and it comes under the state of Gujarat. Here, the clocks run backwards and it is completely normal for the people living there.

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The Demand For These Clocks Is Huge

You will be shocked to see how the clocks function in this village. For us, an hour after 3 pm means 4 pm, but in Godhra, it is actually 2 pm. The hands of the clock rotate anti-clockwise and it actually seems like a science fiction movie, with no connection to reality. The tribal people of the Central and Southern parts of Gujarat are getting accustomed to such clocks. In fact, a clockmaker from Valod village is actually working on manufacturing these clocks that run backward. It gained a lot of attraction in the past couple of years among the tribals. The demand in the market for these clocks is extremely high too. In just 2 years in 2018, they sold almost 15,000 pieces.

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Here’s Why They Beleive In This Movement!

There are some reasons why these tribal homes believe in these clocks. According to them, nature moves in an anticlockwise direction. While worshipping nature, they move in an anticlockwise direction and that’s why they believe in this unusual clock movement.