All-Women Rescue Team Soon To Be Seen On Dubai Beaches

by Dhruv Maniar
All-Women Rescue Team Soon To Be Seen On Dubai Beaches

Under 140 Characters

Dubai Police announced in a press conference that all-women rescue teams will soon be introduced on Dubai’s beaches. 

What Is It?

In line with the “Beach Safety Campaign” the two-month-long initiative is launched in collaboration with Dubai Municipality in order to increase awareness for beachgoers with drowning being the main issue. At the moment 12 women are being trained to respond to emergencies and by the end of this year, it will have 18 women trained. Officials have also confirmed a plan to get sea ambulances to eight beaches by the end of this year that will help respond to medical emergencies immediately. 

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Credits: Pixabay

What Else?

Major-General Ahmed bin Thani, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Ports Affairs added “We are keen to provide safe beaches for people away from drowning incidents and other troubles. This campaign will help educate beachgoers about what to do when they go to the beaches and not to swim when there are high waves or bad weather,”

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