All You Need To Know About Mysuru’s Dasara Aahara Mela

by Shreya Ghosh
All You Need To Know About Mysuru’s Dasara Aahara Mela

October is a month of festivals and celebrations in India. Every Indian state celebrates this month with its traditions and festivals. And when it comes to Mysuru in Karnataka, this South Indian city gets a lavish look on every Dussehra. Donning massive decoration and lighting, Mysore Palace looks divine. Dasara Aahara Mela is the most remarkable celebration of the city during this time. If you do not know what this mela is all about, you are at the right place.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Mysuru’s Dasara Aahara Mela

Apart from the extraordinary grandeur of Mysore Palace, one thing that is a must-visit for everyone is the Dasara Aahara Mela. This is the ultimate food festival of the year and it starts on 26 September this year. You have time till 4 October to explore this food festival and we are sure you will have a gala time here. ‘Scouts and Guides Grounds’ is the venue of Dasara Aahara Mela 2022. You will find delicacies and cuisines from different Indian states such as Hyderabad, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu.

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Dasara Aahara Mela
Photo credit- By Ashwin Kumar from Bangalore, India – Mysore Palace Dussera, CC BY-SA 2.0,

The most fascinating part of this festival is that there is something or the other for every taste palate. This is the best place to gorge on the most authentic cuisine of Karnataka and nearby places. The food festival is having over 170 food stalls including some of the biggest names in the industry. You get to taste traditional lip-smacking tribal delicacies as well.

Bamboo Is The Massive Crowd Puller This Year

Some of the biggest highlights of this year are the dishes prepared using bamboo and different leaves. These leaves are very nutritious and have been grown naturally in the forests. The dishes prepared with bamboo are a sight to behold as these are not easy to find in cities. Some dishes that you need to try are Makali Root Tea, Naati Koli Bamboo Biriyani, Bamboo Rice Payasam, Thumbe Soppu, and Cooked Forest Tubers.

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Along with tons of food stalls, Dasara Aahara Mela is also hosting fancy dress competitions, snack eating competitions, cooking competitions, magic shows, and cultural functions. For kids, youngsters, and adults, there are tons of fun things and experiences in this food festival for people of every age. So when are you going to this iconic food festival in Mysuru?

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