Almost 80 Years Ago, This Is The Place Where The Indian Flag Was Hoisted On Indian Soil For The 1st Time

by Shreya Ghosh
Almost 80 Years Ago, This Is The Place Where The Indian Flag Was Hoisted On Indian Soil For The 1st Time

The story of the Indian flag, its creation, and hoisting dates back many decades, even before India gained independence from the British in 1947. Tomorrow on 26 January, the entire India will celebrate Republic day and hoist the national flag. But before that do you know who hoisted the Indian flag for the first time on Indian soil? When and where was it hoisted? If not, then keep on reading for all this insightful information.

Where Was The Indian Flag Hoisted For The First Time In India?

Picture credit- Media Library

Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is the first Indian to hoist the national flag. He hoisted it in South Point of Port Blair on 30 December 1943. Just about a month back in December 2022, it marked 79 years of the flag hoisting on the motherland for the first time. The place where Netaji hoisted the flag is now known as “Flag Point”. Needless to say, this point is now one of the most iconic places to see in Port Blair.

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If you ever visit Port Blair, make sure to check out Flag Point. This point is located at a height of 150 feet. You will see the Indian national flag flying high in the air from a pole. This place is visited by hundreds and thousands of visitors all the time.

Port Blair Is Very Significant To India’s Independence Journey From The British

If you ever read or have read about the stories and struggles faced by Indian freedom fighters to free the nation from the British, you must have stumbled upon Port Blair in many places. This place holds much importance in the freedom journey. Netaji hoisted the national flag here years before Indian independence to mark Port Blair as independent from the British raj. With the Flag Point, Port Blair is also home to The Cellular Jail. So many freedom fighters and activists had to face inhumane atrocities here.

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The Cellular Jail is a National Memorial. Morarji Desai declared this jail a national memorial on 11 February 1979. It is also a hospital now for the locals. It has about 500 beds. 

When in Port Blair, do not forget to witness the national flag hoisting high from the Flag Point.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library