Ambubachi Mela In Guwahati: From Date And Time, Guidelines To VIP Passes, All You Need To Know

The Kamakhya Temple will be closed from June 22 to June 25, marking the goddess' menstruation period during the Ambubachi Mela.

by Tashika Tyagi
Ambubachi Mela In Guwahati: From Date And Time, Guidelines To VIP Passes, All You Need To Know

Ambubachi Mela is an annual festival held at the famous Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam. This prominent fest marks the period of goddess Kamakhya undergoing her annual menstrual cycle. It is scheduled to take place from June 22 to June 26 this year, and the temple will observe closure from June 22 to June 25. The celebration of this event is so grand that it is often referred to as the ‘Mahakumbh of the East.’ If you’re planning to visit the Ambubachi Mela this year, then scroll on to learn the restrictions and guidelines issued by the authorities there.

Restriction & Guidelines For Ambubachi Mela 2024

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The Ambubachi Mela will be celebrated from June 22 to June 26 in Guwahati. During the festivity, the Kamakhya Temple will be closed from June 22 to June 25 to mark the goddess’s annual menstruation period. As per a report in Times of India, the temple gates will reopen at 9:08 PM on June 25.

Seeing as lakhs of devotees gather annually to participate in the Ambubachi Mela celebrations, the authorities have decided not to issue any VIP passes to the Kamakhya Temple till June 30. So, all visitors, including VIPs, will have to queue like regular attendees for darshan.

Here are some more restrictions and guidelines issued for Ambubachi Mela 2024 –

1. The road leading to Kamakhya Temple and from Pandu Ghat will be closed at night.
2. All ferry services and vehicular movement from Kamakhya Gate will be suspended during the Ambubachi Mela. There will only be limited ferry service available on the Pandu to Kamakhya route.
3. The authorities have laid down strict regulations for food and water distribution by institutions throughout the festival celebration. All arbitrary distributions are prohibited.
4. Camp facilities are provided near the temple and at Pandu River Ghat. However, devotees are requested not to bring food and utensils into the camps.
5. The temple timings have been readjusted from 8 AM to 9 AM, replacing the usual hours of operation.
6. Also, admission to the mela celebration is free without the need for special tickets.

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Everything You Need To Know About This Annual Mela In Guwahati

Ambubachi Mela
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Ambubachi Mela celebrates the annual menstruation of Goddess Kamakhya. It also symbolises and celebrates fertility and womanhood in a unique way. This significant and spiritually charged festival also gives devotees a rare insight into the tantric rituals intrinsic to the Kamakhya Temple’s tradition. One of the most popular traditions here includes Mahasnan which is basically a ritualistic deity bath using Panchagavya and other offerings.

More than a religious gathering, this mela sees the symposium of spirituality, culture, and community. The Kamakhya Temple turns into a lively, vibrant epicentre of celebration. Even while it observes closure, there are a plethora of rituals taking place around the mela to celebrate the goddess.

Have you experienced the joy and liveliness of Ambubachi Mela in Guwahati? Or are you planning to head there this year? Let us know in the comments!

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