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Vikas Khanna
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Chef Vikas Khanna always comes up when we discuss Indian cooks. He was raised in the midst of the mouthwatering cuisine of Amritsar, or “Ambarsar,” as he and other locals refer to it. Today, he is a well-known chef both domestically and abroad. His tenure as a judge on MasterChef India for several seasons served to further increase his reputation. He quickly became well-known due to his amazing talents and endearing demeanour. That takes us to our most recent episode of Tere Gully Mein, in which Chef Vikas Khanna and our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani talk about food, food, and more food. Please watch the entire video to experience their flavorful day!

Where Does Vikas Khanna Feel Like Home?

Chef Vikas Khanna started his journey for the love of food in Amritsar as a kid and now, he lives in New York as a Michelin Star Chef. While the journey from there to where he is now was long and adventurous, it is also worth noticing how much things have changed for him on each level. That brought the question of where he felt at home. Now that the majority of his life is established in NYC, it is bound to feel like his own place. But is that really true?

To answer this complex question, he simply said that even though his life is in New York, his roots and his mumma are in Amritsar; and that is enough to keep him in splits when it comes to where home is. He even used the Hindi phrase ‘Dhobi ka kutta’ to better explain his position and we totally get it!

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He Also Talked About His First Visit To Mumbai

Vikas Khanna Tere Gully Mein

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When asked if he shares any special memories with Mumbai, Vikas Khanna started collecting the first time he visited. His brother used to work in the city and he came to meet him. The thing that really shook him about Mumbai was how could people not know their neighbours.

Coming from a city where everyone lives like a big family and is aware of everything that goes on around them, it was an alien concept for him to not even know who his neighbours are. It was definitely the biggest culture shock he faced in Mumbai. Of course, he wanted to fix that and one day his brother found him getting out of the neighbour’s house.

To know more about all of his achievements and the secret behind them, go and watch the video!

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