Amsaan Collaborates with MOTIONGATE, Dubai To Enhance Theme Park Experience For Deaf Visitors

Amsaan and MOTIONGATE Dubai make theme park deaf-friendly.

by Deeplata Garde
Amsaan Collaborates with MOTIONGATE, Dubai To Enhance Theme Park Experience For Deaf Visitors

In a world where traditional communication methods can often fall short, especially for the deaf community, the quest for inclusivity never ends. Enter Amsaan, the tech-savvy trailblazer in accessible IT solutions, and MOTIONGATE Dubai, the ultimate playground for thrill-seekers. Together, they’re rewriting the rules of theme park fun, one sign at a time.

Amsaan & MOTIONGATE Dubai Partner Up To Offer Enhanced Accessibility


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Picture this: you’re at a theme park, surrounded by the sounds of laughter and excitement. But for the local deaf community, navigating such spaces can be a challenge, with printed signs and verbal instructions often falling short. That’s where Amsaan and MOTIONGATE Dubai step in, joining forces to revolutionize the theme park experience for deaf visitors. With on-demand Emirati sign language videos accessible via QR codes strategically placed throughout the park, essential information becomes just a scan away.

Bridging the Gap: Behind the Scenes Of Deaf-Friendly Innovation

But how did this magical partnership come to be? It’s all about collaboration and dedication to inclusivity. Local Emirati deaf employees played a pivotal role in translating text into Emirati Sign Language, ensuring accuracy and relevance at every step. Through a meticulous quality assurance process, Amsaan and the MOTIONGATE Dubai team worked hand in hand to bring these deaf-friendly features to life, fostering a deeper understanding of sign language nuances along the way.

As the QR codes start popping up across MOTIONGATE Dubai, the possibilities are endless. From ride descriptions to safety guidelines, deaf visitors now have the power to explore the park independently, making informed decisions and enjoying a truly barrier-free experience. And this is just the beginning. With continuous feedback and innovation on the horizon, Amsaan and MOTIONGATE Dubai are paving the way for a future where accessibility knows no bounds.

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Amsaan’s Vision For Inclusivity


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But the journey doesn’t end here. With plans to expand the QR code system to other destinations, including LEGOLAND Dubai Resort, Amsaan is on a mission to make the world a more deaf-friendly place, one facility at a time. By fostering safer, barrier-free communication infrastructure, they’re not just building theme parks—they’re building communities where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive.

So, here’s to Amsaan, MOTIONGATE Dubai, and the countless deaf visitors whose laughter and joy now ring louder than ever before. In a world filled with obstacles, they’re proving that with a little innovation and a lot of heart, anything is possible.

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