Anand Mahindra Asks, “Which Restaurant In India Or Kerala Serves Best Sadhya?” Netizens Eagerly Answer!

by Shreya Rathod
Anand Mahindra Asks, “Which Restaurant In India Or Kerala Serves Best Sadhya?” Netizens Eagerly Answer!

Sadya, a Keralan meal preparation, holds immense importance for the state. Recently, Anand Mahindra wished “Happy Onam” on X (formerly called Twitter) and wanted to know which restaurants served the best Sadhya. Here’s what Netizens answered!

Anand Mahindra Wants To Know Which Restaurant Serve The Best Sadhya

Sadhya consists of a variety of standard vegetarian foods that are typically served for lunch in Kerala on a banana leaf. Onam, the state festival of Kerala, is traditionally celebrated with a traditional feast called Sadya, which translates to banquet in Malayalam.

Approximately 24-28 dishes can be served as one course in a standard Sadya. If it is a huge one, such as the Sadya for Aranmula Boat race (Valla Sadya), it may contain over 64 things. Plain boiled rice is the primary food item, which is offered with different curries including parippu, sambar, rasam, and pulisseri.

Along with papadam, plantain chips, sharkara upperi, banana, plain curd, and buttermilk, the lunch also includes kaalan, avial, thoran, olan, pachadi, kichadi, koottukari, erissery, mango pickle, injipuli, mezhukkupuratti, and naranga achaar (lime pickle).

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Recently, business tycoon, Anand Mahindra, took to X and extended his wishes for Onam with a tempting image of Sadhya. He further asked for recommendations for restaurants that are known to serve the best ones.

Netizens Recommended The Best Places!

A user, Harsh Goenka, suggested that he should try Chef Marina Balakrishnan’s Sadhya, and she also offers a home delivery. He even shared a screenshot of her Instagram account for reference.

Another user recommended the Bharat Tourist Home in Kerala, although every restaurant in the state is known for serving a delicious sadhya meal.

For Mumbai people, Kerala House and the canteen at Kerala Bhavan are best! She even stated that Vashi has authentic restaurants that serve these dishes.

Another user shared his experience of having a delicious meal at the Hyatt Kochi.

Additionally, Udaya Bhavan in Thrissur is also one of the best places to try Sadhya. And do not forget Keralam Restaurant in Thiruvananthapuram and Saravana Bhavan in Kochi if you are trying this Keralan meal for the first time.

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Comment below and share your restaurant recommendations for Sadhya with us!

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