Ananya Panday Indulges In Decadent French Toast Prepared By Sister

by Sushmita Mahanta
Ananya Panday Indulges In Decadent French Toast Prepared By Sister

Your sibling cooking for you is always a rare sight, isn’t it? And even when they do, you always end up teasing them for it! Well, Bollywood actor Ananya Panday is no different. Recently the actor indulged in some yummy french toast cooked by her sister Rysa Panday. The actor took to Instagram to share a snap of the lip-smacking homemade French Toast but didn’t forget to add a caption to tease her sister! It was funny and adorable at the same time to see Ananya sharing how Rysa’s cooking was actually a form of bribe. Later, Ananya’s mother Bhavna Panday was also seen putting up an insta story to praise Rysa’s cooking skills. Read on to know more tidbits on how Ananya Pandey enjoyed the home-cooked dishes of a homely chef!

Ananya Panday’s Sister Turns Chef For The Actor, Serves Her Yummy French Toast At Home

Looks like Ananya Panday’s home recently saw a very homely chef cooking up dishes for the actor! Well, it’s not often you see your sibling cooking for you, and Ananya took the opportunity to share a glimpse of her sister Rysa recently serving her a homemade French Toast. The SOTY 2 actor took to her insta stories and put up a picture of the decadent French Toast made by her sister with the caption, “Is Rysa just being nice and making me French toast because she doesn’t want me to take over her room when she goes to college,” Siblings are always teased, no matter what they do and Ananya totally proves it with her funny yet adorable caption. But let us tell you, Ananya’s sister didn’t end her cooking episode by just serving the actor. Later Bhavna Panday too took to Instagram stories to share a glimpse of her platter of French Toast made by Rysa. Her caption, “Thank you my Rysa pudding for my favorite French Toast,” was enough to reveal Bhavna’s love for the particular homemade dish.

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Want To Enjoy A Quick Homemade French Toast Like Ananya Panday?

French toast might sound foreign but it’s easier than it sounds! So take notes from Ananya Panday and enjoy this easy dish at home. And don’t worry, making these is even easier than Pancakes. Just make a mixture of eggs, cinnamon powder, sliced raisins, and milk. Heat up a pan and add the butter. Take slices of bread as per your requirement and dip both sides in the mixture. After that just keep cooking the slices on the pan until both sides turn golden. And there you have your quick homemade French Toast. You can use syrup or fresh fruits on your toast, totally on you. Enjoy eating!

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