Andhra Pradesh’s Only Grassland In Gudisa Hill Range Is Now Open For Tourists

by Sanjana Shenoy
Andhra Pradesh’s Only Grassland In Gudisa Hill Range Is Now Open For Tourists

Gudisa is a hill station in Andhra Pradesh, nestled 40 km away from Maredumilli. It’s one of the less explored forests of South India. The hill station boasts tall green trees and rich flora and fauna. In 2021, The Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) imposed Section 144. This is because the ecosystem was threatened by overnight camping. For over a year, authorities shut down Gudisa to the public. Fortunately, the Gudisa hill range has once again reopened for tourism. The need of the hour? Responsible tourism. Here’s what you must know.

Why Was Section 144 Imposed In Gudisa?

Overnight camping and overtourism destroyed the grassland ecosystem of Gudisa.  According to a report by The Hindu, anti-social activities disturbed the peaceful living conditions of local tribes in the grassland. Thousands of tourists littered the pristine region. Tourists even burnt some portions of the Maredumill forests. This led to the government imposing Section 144 in Gudisa. Local authorities promised to reopen the area only after certain regulations were put in place.

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The Unexplored Grassland Reopens For Tourism

Now, after over a year, Gudisa has once again reopened for tourism. However, environmental activists are not in favour of this move. They believe reopening it, poses a threat to the ecosystem. Also, the Department of Forest is on a mission to regulate tourism activities in the hill station. Meanwhile, as tourists, we need to be more responsible. This includes respecting local tribes that inhabit the hill range. Preventing forest fires through our actions. And especially, protect the ecosystem by bringing back our own trash.