Answer The RINGING Phone And WIN Prizes At This Mall In Dubai

by Dhruv Maniar
Answer The RINGING Phone And WIN Prizes At This Mall In Dubai

Under 140 Characters 

Dubai Mall has placed telephone booths across the mall which will let you win exciting prizes if you answer the random call and it on until 4th August 2018. 

What Is it 

This weekend visit The Dubai Mall and get a chance to win amazing prices by simply answering a random call from a phone booth. Until 4th August Dubai  Mall has placed random telephone booths across the mall. If you hear it ring, be sure to answer because there is a special prize waiting for you.

What’s In It?

The more time you spend across the booth in Dubai Mall, more are the chances to grab the call and win. The booth rings randomly seven times a day. If you take the call and answer a question correctly then you will win some instant prizes from top brands in the mall. So what are you waiting for, head to Dubai Mall as this promotion is only running until 4th August 2018. 


Location: The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai.
Date: Until 4th August 2018
Timing: 10am-midnight ( Phone rings seven times)

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