Anushka Sharma Invests In Millet-Based Health Food Brand Millé

by Shreya Ghosh
Anushka Sharma Invests In Millet-Based Health Food Brand Millé

Millets are slowly becoming a must-have ingredient in many households. As days are passing by, we are getting to know more about its health benefits and adding more millet food items to our diet. Introducing you all to Millé, a health food brand offering a huge range of millet-based nutritious options. If you are a fitness enthusiast and conscious about what you and your family eat every day, it’s time to add these products to your kitchen shelf. Anushka Sharma is also an investor in this brand.

Wholsum Foods Brand Ambassador Anushka Sharma Backs Millé

Anushka Sharma
Picture credit- Press release

You must have heard about the Bollywood actor investing in Slurrp Farm a couple of months back. After the super growth of this kids’ food brand, Wholsum Foods launched another healthy food brand, Millé and this time the products are available for people of different age groups. It’s time for everyone to eat healthy, high-plant protein, fibre-rich, and millet-based food items. Well, not just millets, the food range is offering products loaded with the nourishment of legumes and lentils too.

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If you are a vegetarian or a vegan or a fitness enthusiast and are looking for that perfect source of plant protein, this millet-based brand seems like a good addition to your healthy diet. Millé offers great choices for breakfast cereals, pancakes, cake mixes, gluten-free grain alternatives to rice and wheat, and more. The best part about all these products is that the brand uses all-natural ingredients and very less amount of sugar to make all their products, according to a press release.

Further Details About This Health Food Brand:

Anushka Sharma invested in this company some time back and she shared why it is important to add millet-based healthy food products of Millé to her regular diet. Not just breakfast and snack options, there are millet choices for biryani, pulao, and more such delish food items made with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

Millets are an excellent addition to our diet as they are a powerhouse of health benefits and nutrients. Also, this superfood uses way less water than cultivating rice or wheat. This is also better for the planet. In fact, there is no need to use any chemical fertilisers to cultivate millets.

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So are you adding Millé products to your diet?

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