Anushka Sharma Asks Netizens To Choose A Perfect Meal; Here Are The Options

by Shreya Ghosh
Anushka Sharma Asks Netizens To Choose A Perfect Meal; Here Are The Options

Raise your hand if you are someone who gets confused while ordering at a restaurant or thinking about what to eat. It is such a difficult task to choose the perfect meal to eat when we have so many options. Seems like a dilemma at times, right? Well, it seems like Anushka Sharma also gets confused about choosing her meals for the day. She recently took to her Instagram stories and asked her millions of fans and followers to select a meal for her. What are the options provided by her? Let’s find that out!

Anushka Sharma Asked Instagrammers To Select A Post-Workout Meal For Her

The actor shared a picture of her working out on her Instagram story captioning “Working ✅. But my mind is already on the next thing!!”

Anushka Sharma
Picture credit- Anushka Sharma Instagram

Well, if you are wondering what is the next thing she is talking about, it is actually her meal and she is in confusion to choose what to eat after her smashing workout session.

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“What Should I Have?” The Actor Asked Her Fans

On her next Instagram story, Anushka shared a list of options for food items for her fans and followers to choose. She shared the list captioning “If at all choosing that perfect meal was so easy!”

Anushka Sharma
Picture credit- Anushka Sharma Instagram

For the options, she added flakes, pancakes, biryani, and noodles. Anushka has not shared the answers to the question yet. We wonder which of these options got the most votes.

Flakes with milk seem to be the healthiest option out of these 4 food items shared by Anushka. It is filling and tastes delicious too. Also, milk and flakes are a great combo to have after a workout if you have very less time in hand to cook something for breakfast.

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Pancakes are always a perfect breakfast option. The taste gets enhanced with some honey or maple syrup with it.

“Biryani? coz why not!” asked Anushka on her Instagram story. For foodies, anytime is a perfect time to relish some delicious biryani. Is it an apt dish to eat after a workout? The answer to this is no but at the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants.

Lastly, she added noodles to the list. Noodles with lots of veggies and less oil are a healthy breakfast option.

Which of these dishes will you choose as the perfect meal after hitting it out at the gym?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Anushka Sharma